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We are here to help your company grow; to get more paying customers, more profit and ergo more choice.

Website Click and Movement Heat Maps

Click and movement heat maps show which elements of your website are attractive to visitors. This makes it easy to track navigation and interest to improve each page on your site. It is also a great way to decide where to place the all-important ‘call to action’.

We recommend heat mapping is used permanently to identify improvements. 

Price Options:

  1. $495 set up and insights - One Off Cost
  2. $50/month (software only) - Monthly Cost

Search Engine Analysis

We all know that potential customers will do an online search before deciding to buy. It’s the part of every purchase journey for businesses of all sizes. 

Key answers you need when designing or updating your website and digital presence:

  • Where do you rank in the search results?
  • Where do your competitors rank?
  • What keywords are buyers using?
  • What content/pages match these keywords?

Understanding of all this will ensure your website delivers in terms of visitors and conversions to customers.

Price Options:

  1. $495 report and insights (per website) - One Off Cost
  2. $50/month ongoing analysis and notifications - Monthly Cost

Mailing List

Not every visitor to your website is ready to buy. However, you want to capture the interest of every visitor so that you can continuing communicating with them after they leave your website. The most effective way to do this is through a blog; which can also double-up as a newsletter.

Email is still by far the effective marketing tool to engage, educate and convert prospective clients into new sales. As a bonus, blog content can also be used for advertising, social media campaigns and benefits SEO.

Price: $295 set up & $195/month - includes content writing

Paid Search Advertising

Sometimes there are competitors targeting the same specific high value customers you are. For certain keywords and phrases it is worthwhile paying to be above them in Google.

Adverts should be continually optimised; tweaked and tested to ensure that you get a return on investment for every dollar spent.

Price: $495 set up & $100/month + advertising budget

Social Media Campaigns

If you need to engage potential buyers during their regular online activity, you’ll need to consider content marketing and promotion via social medial channels. Go to where they are. Campaigns can be around specific products/services, offers or educational content. Very powerful marketing method. 

Service includes account management, posting, messages, adverts within:

  • Facebook
  • Houzz
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Price: Campaign design specific. Get a quote from us!


Website Landing Page Creation
Price: $295/per page

Website Content Updates  
Price: $75/per hour