Rainmaker automates your referral network to capture more customers without needing more time.

Rainmaker is a geographically focused, automated referral system to help local businesses generate and secure high-quality leads from complementary businesses.

You already refer customers to other companies you know; people you trust to look after your customer. However, it does take time to effectively manage and sometimes things fall through the cracks.

How does it work?

Rainmaker manages email leads; automatically qualifying them for your business and as referrals for your network of trusted partners. Our system easily integrates into your existing workflow and it won’t stop any customer from picking up the phone to you like normal.

We help you offer a better customer service experience, whilst improving your insights into a client project and adding value to your referral network.

We will work to set up similar systems for your referral network, meaning as you generate leads for other companies, they will start generating more leads for you.

Why should you want to get on board?

Take the home improvement industry for example. Say you were in the Decking trade. 

The network to the left shows how we can automate all service providers in the industry for the customer in order to maximise opportunity in the local area. By being a part of the Rainmaker network system, you can find customers from one of the other trades who was interested in also renovating their deck. 

Rainmaker takes the hassle out of finding leads by generating referrals you otherwise might not get. 

What next?

Let's grab a coffee and discuss how to best integrate into your workflow, taking up the least amount of time and generating the maximum amount of business.