Meet the team

The people behind Growth Hacking strive to give great companies the buzz of finding exciting new client prospects. We can provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to Growth Hack your New Zealand business.


CALLUM - Business Growth

Callum has also recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University, focusing on International Business and Management. After winning the national sales award during a Young Enterprise school project in 2012, he developed a passion for business and wasted no time in capitalising on it by further educating himself. Callum understands the necessity of holistic business development in order to optimise the success of a business. 


MARIA - Social Media

Maria has been working in the marketing industry for the last 5 years, primarily in direct & data-driven marketing but has recently branched into the digital marketing arena when she launched her freelancing career. She's currently back in NZ after spending some time in San Francisco.


CHELSEA - Social Media

Chelsea is currently in her 3rd year of study towards a Bachelor of Communications. With previous experience in managing social media accounts for a number of companies, she understands the importance of social media and the benefits of doing it well.


KRINA - Web Development

Krina recently completed her Bachelors of Commerce focusing on computer science and electronic commerce. She has a passion for everything e-Commerce! From previous experience in running her own website, Krina understands the importance and impact of successfully managing websites in order to reach business goals. 


TAREQ Video & Content

In 2012, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and English, Tareq found his purpose is to work together with customers to make convincing, attractive, and compelling creative content, that will echo and solidify their brand, culture, and vision.