Lets all grow together

We all work to give ourselves the freedom to do more of what we enjoy and less of what we don't. 
We are here to help your company grow; to get more paying customers, more profit and ergo more choice.

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Caffeinated Brainstorm

A sit down to discuss your business:

  • What you do and for whom
  • Opportunities and challenges.
  • Growth targets and aspirations.
  • Current lead generation activities.

You'll come away with ideas on how GHN can help you grow.
Price: Good cup of coffee

Business Mapping

A half-day session with your management to analyse:

  • Your customers and what they want
  • What pain they suffer
  • Current marketing activities and systems
  • Competitor landscape
  • Resources and budgets

We will help you to discover powerful insights about your customers and your business.
Price: $495-995/session


A full-day session with your whole team:

  • Company wide buy-in of growth hacking principles
  • Structured brainstorm to capture insights and ideas
  • Instant feedback from your team on some of our ideas
  • Identify system and process challenges
  • Agree key performance indicators

We will help engage your team and harness their insights.
Price: $495-995/session

Growth Hacking strategy

A full-day session split between management and team:

  • Converting ideas in actionable plans
    • Customer acquisition
    • Revenue growth per client
    • Creating evangelists
    • Automation and optimisation
    • Collaboration opportunities

You will really understand the power of growth hacking now!
Price: $495-995/session

Growth Hacking PLAYBOOK

Your bespoke solution for smashing those growth goals

  • Hack ideas, opportunities and advice
  • Customer access plan
  • Customer engagement plan
  • Customer retention plan
  • Software tools and set up suggestions
  • Performance metrics and analytics

All yours to implement, share or keep totally secret
Price: $1495-4995

EXECUTION Management

If you don't have the time, resources or interest in running the Growth Hacking system, we can do that for you.
We'll  produce the content, engage the customers, set up the tools, monitor the performance and make improvements.

Our sole mission is to be a seamless addition to your team, focused on customer growth and achieving those business goals.
Price: from $495-1995/month