Why designers should love growth hackers

What is growth hacking?

1)  A mindset that enables greater awareness of the opportunities (hacks*) to grow revenue and how to bake the hacks into a business or product.  *to Hack, a focus on results, not the method of achieving them. Getting it done! 

2) A collection of tools and activities that make the hacks repeatable and the growth sustainable.

Why should designers collaborate with growth hackers?

Growth hackers need you. A strong and consistent image, clear messaging and engaging content are the foundation from which growth hacking starts. Converting more prospects into more customers’ needs quality design.

Growth hackers will get you more work from existing clients and they have clients that will need you. New design assets are needed to fuel growth:

                                       Web                  - Microsites, landing pages, mobile apps
                                   Content           - ebooks, infographics, presentations, email/blog templates
                                   Loyalty            - branded merchandise, direct mail pieces

Collaborating with a Growth Hacker

Many design agencies and growth hackers work together to bring each other new business. We can kick off a relationship in a variety of ways:

-        Bring us in for a chat with a client that needs a new perspective on how to grow.
-        Run a growth hacking workshop for your staff or clients. Inspire them.
-        Use us to come up with a few ideas to get clients buying into your proposals.