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Tips For Working From Home Without Losing Productivity

Working from home is very common among those who have launched into the online market, creating their own project or participate in this reality by providing their services digitally.

However, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, it is a new routine for many people, and it is challenging to face it.

For those who did not even know about the existence of telework, the situation is significantly affecting their levels of productivity and concentration.

These tips and applications that we are going to talk about are useful for all teams that work remotely without needing to be in a crisis situation.

We follow them ourselves and many of our students who already have their own remote teams too.

Have an established work schedule.

When you decide to work from home, it is important to establish a routine. And, even if you allow yourself some flexibility, the ideal is to be rigorous with it.

In this way, it will not cost you any effort to get up in the morning, enter a state of concentration, or perform as much as possible.

Assume certain work rules. 

There are habits that do nothing to keep your mind at work, such as being in your pajamas or doing household chores and cooking while attending to work matters.

The attitude you have towards work will greatly influence the energy with which you face it, your ability to solve problems, meet your deadlines … And in short, again to concentration and productivity.

As you can imagine working in your pajamas that energy goes down a lot because what your head associates with pajamas are sleep, not work.

And if you also do household chores while you work, your mind will disperse, and you won’t be as effective as you could be.

It is also essential to have certain resources for remote work, such as a quality camera and microphone or a good Internet connection.

Enable a space only to work.

If possible, it is isolated and away from rest areas. Ideally, it should be spacious and in natural light. Have a table that allows you to stretch your legs, a comfortable chair, and complete work equipment.

When you enter this room, it will be for work, just like you do when you go to an office.

Respect break times.

It is advisable to make mini stops every two hours to activate the body, as well as respect the meal and departure times.

Otherwise, it will be increasingly difficult for you to enter a state of concentration.

The fact of working longer hours does not guarantee you more results. People’s productivity has limits, and if it does not regenerate throughout the day, it can drop sharply.

Use management, productivity, and communication tools. 

We are going to talk about this in the next section. 

New technologies have made it much easier for us to work from home, and at the same time, we do not lose efficiency.

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